Tuesday, May 10, 2011

watercolored image

This is another watercolored image. Aren't they sweet. I start out with watercolor pencils of choice and color in all the areas with the different shades. Now I take my blender pen and blend it all together being careful not to mix colors together that need to stay different. After I get done with that I get out my watercolor markers and get out the darkest shades of the colors I used on the image and scribble it onto an acrylic stamp block and using my blender pen I pick up small amounts of the dark color and go into the darkest areas and shade  some more with that dark color for depth. You really can't get that darkness with just pencils. I think it works great. You can also paint using a water brush. That is a brush that has a water resivior on the end of it. I usually use the blender pen because I have more control of the liquid being used. The brush is good for large areas such as sky or ground for a wash effect.  It is easier.  I hope you enjoyed the info. I am planning to learn how to make video to post. It is still a little ways off yet as I am still new to this and learning. As always have a great and creative day.


  1. This is soooo amazing. I didn't know you could get this effect with the water color pencils. I can't wait till you bring them over for us to play with!!!!

  2. beautifull painting I love your card
    Thanks for joining us at TPS xx

  3. Lovely water colouring. Thanks for joining usat TPS this week

  4. WOW Deb this is gorgeous!! I have never tried water coloring!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Here is the link to the toilet bear